Because abortion is HILARIOUS. And what’s even funnier is trying to make all Americans pay for said abortions by doing away with the Hyde Amendment.

Ha ha ha.

How progressive of the ACLU.

The laws they are taking aim at in the video are in Louisiana, and all of said laws are to protect the unborn. OH NO, Louisiana wants you to wait three days after you see a doctor before you have an abortion because you might change your mind. AND HOW DARE THEY not allow Medicaid to go to providers who kill babies.

The monsters.

Of course the usual players are on the tag talking about how it’s their bodies, their choice, blah blah blah, all while telling Americans the law that protects us from having to pay for abortions with our tax dollars should go.

Many of them blame religion for those who have prolife ideals …

Psh, ethics. They don’t need to stinking ethics.

When will these troglodytes figure out we don’t care about THEIR bodies? We care about the innocent bodies inside, the ones who lose their decision making when women abort them. Not to mention we should not have to pay for them.


These people really believe this. That for whatever reason we should care if a woman who wants an abortion has to make sacrifices to pay for it. How backwards is this movement?

And of course the most repugnant of all is the ACLU.

For supposedly being law-savvy they sure don’t know much about rights.

Mic. Freakin’. Drop.