Instapundit has since been reinstated on the condition that he remove the “offensive tweet.” So while they did give him his account back they still censored him.

People get suspended on Twitter every day and let’s be honest, it is a private company and can honestly do as it pleases when it comes to policy and procedure. This suspension however is newsworthy because the person in question is Instapundit, aka Glenn Reynolds, a well-known columnist for USA Today and what many would call a “staple of Twitter.”

Apparently in response to the riots … err… protests in Charlotte, Reynolds suggested motorists not sit in their cars waiting to be beaten to death. Sure, he was far more direct in his tweet but the intent was defense, not murder.

Huff Post and other “media” outlets are already writing about Reynolds being suspended but are not sharing the actual tweet, and of course they’re calling the people surrounding vehicles “demonstrators” instead of what whey really were, rioters.


Because you know, it makes more sense to sit in your car and wait for the angry “protesters” to beat you to death and steal your car. Sure.

What the Hell indeed.

Possible. They sure seem to suspend Conservative accounts a lot more quickly than they do the Leftist ones.

Is this a pattern?

For years Conservatives have felt social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were biased, are we starting to see proof of this?

There are accounts literally championing the harm of police officers openly on Twitter, and yet they felt it made more sense to ban the guy telling people to defend themselves.


Editor’s note: A typo in Reynolds’ name has been corrected.


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