Vox and other “media” outlets like Politico have had a rough go of it lately with their reporting, not like it’s ever really stellar but we’ve been able to report on their ignorance several times. SCORE.

For example, check out these two “headlines” from Vox posted on Twitter about the attacks over the weekend. Notice anything in particular missing?

Oh yeah, Vox is mental. Like Jason says, people are LITERALLY BEING STABBED and Vox says, “Hey y’all, don’t sweat it. Be tough.” Don’t know about you but getting stabbed sounds pretty awful, yeah? Oh and of course, being afraid of getting attacked by terrorists makes us all islamophobic.


Of course all of the “media” outlets are working overtime to protect the president and his lame administration while at the same time promoting Hillary Clinton.

Terrorism is like a hurricane? Is Politico saying hurricanes are terrorists?

It’s all so confusing.

And this. Granted, it’s not about terror directly (although really the email leaks in some way played a part) but look at this nonsense. Real journalism is focused on reality, not protecting evil women like Hillary Clinton because she happens to be a Democrat.

And yes, the media lets him get away with it. Typical.