It’s funny watching a Leftist talk about how mature adults behave, as if they’d have a clue.

Umm … but she did start it. Well, not HER but a guy in her camp did and she knew about it. A mature adult would apologize for the camp starting such nonsense, maybe?

Trump wasn’t around in 2008 when Hillary’s camp started the whole rumor about his birth place, so no, it’s not always been about Trump.

No, the conversation is whether or not she started it, and we know her camp did. And sure, as a Leftist your job is to deflect and protect Hillary at all costs but this just sounds petty and smug.

Which is likely how Touré always sounds.

And yet it has not been disproven and in fact proven BUT of course that would mean Touré actually read something not written by a Leftist windbag.

A conspiracy her team started.