In a newly released poll it appears most people do not believe Hillary Clinton is honest.

Shocking, right?

What’s frightening about this poll though are the ones who say yes, especially the young people aka millennials.

To be honest, we are surprised so many millennials think she’s dishonest (not good, Hillary), thought the number would be way higher for ‘yes,’ but this still means one in five young people believe Hillary is truthful.

Kids these days.

Any day now we fully expect to start yelling at the neighbor kids to GET OFF OUR LAWN.

And she ain’t in no ways tired, don’t forget that important tidbit.

WHOOHOO! And Santa aka Hillary is going to give them everything they’ve always wanted … stay in school kids.

2012 Obama voters maybe.

Interestingly enough the poll was broken down by gender as well:

More women believe her than men.


Like Richard Grenell said, OMG, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!