Goodell supports Kaepernick, that’s adorable. And by adorable we mean ridiculous, pathetic and sad.

Here we thought the Commish’s job was to increase viewership and MAKE money … just put this in the “wow this is ridiculous and we didn’t think things could get more ridiculous” column.

If they feel THAT strongly about it they should protest on their own time and do more to actually support the communities they think they’re protesting for. There is nothing quite as condescending as a rich football player acting like he understands the obstacles and struggles those in poverty face.

We should put this on bumper stickers, “Play Football and Shut Up.”

Leaders lead, they don’t give into the whims of those who work for them. One might even call Goodell cowardly.

You wanna respect the men and women who serve this country and mourn the dead? You do it on YOUR OWN TIME … how absolutely ridiculous.

And yes, he’s insane.