Really Joyce? Heroic.

On today of ALL days?

Considerable strength is running into a burning building knowing you may not make it out alive. It is NOT walking around waving at people and pretending you care.

This is awful.

Well of COURSE she has to do this on today of all days, she’s an insensitive Leftist who doesn’t really grasp the idea of heroism. Clearly.

Heroic? Hillary?! That IS ironic … and absolutely nuts.

Hey, standing around exploiting the anniversary of 9/11 for votes is exhausting even if you’ve not be diagnosed with pneumonia, or something. It was pneumonia this time, right?

Considering she literally collapsed today it’s safe to say she needs a new and better doctor.

So heroic. Simply awe-inducing.  *eye roll*

Hey, never let it be said that Hillary Clinton is NOT giving or willing to share a dangerous and possibly deadly virus with people around her, even children.

Don’t be surprised when the Democrats actually make some sort of bumper sticker that says JUST this.

Definitely one of those “if you don’t laugh you will cry or better yet throw up” moments.