Sally gave yet ANOTHER assessment of the GOP candidate, even though nobody asked. If you watch the progression of her tweets you can tell she is gradually growing more and more irate and unhinged.

Maybe Hillary didn’t do as well at that ‘forum’ as Sally thought she would?

But Hillary is?


There is no way Sally can explain why Hillary is qualified because she’s NOT, which is why Sally went the “attack Trump” route instead of the “promote Hillary” one.

Takes one angry, unstable nutcase to know another …

Oooh, we love it when the Left goes down the ‘definition’ line of debate. It always ends badly for them …

Depends on your agenda, in Sally’s world this may indeed qualify Hilary. Actually let’s be honest, what qualifies Hillary for Sally is the fact she has a V-A-G-I-N-A.

Okay, we all knew that one was coming.

Blah blah blah …

Facts schmacts, she’s on a roll.


Sally doesn’t care about that other guy, silly.

Admit it, every time you read her tweets you hear this in the back of your mind …