The irony of this picture is breathtaking …

Almost as breathtaking as this doorknob missing who actually has courage in this picture.

Luckily Ben Howe and others ‘enlightened’ him:

BAM. And sadly being that it’s Dave Zirin you assume incorrectly.

Some people have a really warped idea of what courage looks like these days. The marine served his country, made sacrifices for his country … the mopey chick with the bad do in the back throws a football around for millions of dollars every year. See the difference?

All Kap has really done is draw attention to himself, which was likely his goal all along.

Are you CRAZY?! Kap won’t do that, he’ll get robbed … heh.

Courage is not sitting on a bench acting like a spoiled brat because you got bored and decided you needed to pick a cause to support.

What he said.

And sadly, this as well.