At this point you may still be able to navigate away from this story before you see any pictures.

3 …

2 …


Ok, we warned you.

We denounce ourselves.

We do not in anyway relate to this lingerie advert.


Not one bit.

To this point, it’s not that Lena has a very average looking body (the average size of American women is 14), but it’s what’s on the inside with Lena that makes her even more unattractive.

Women don’t want to be represented in this way, leave our underwear alone.

Body politics. Brilliant. That’s sort of like playing personality politics but dumber.

Sure comes off as a joke but sadly no.

No. This is not what women look like in their undies, stop pretending you’re doing women a favor by making fools of yourselves.

Refreshing? No.


Feminists, you don’t have to make EVERYTHING an issue.

Let underwear be underwear, you don’t have to make a statement and gross out millions of people while doing it, there isn’t some great underwear oppression thing going on.