As usual, Bernie aka Socialist Man, thinks the answer to all of life’s perceived woes is more government. In this case Bernie wants the government to register people to vote whether they want to be registered or not.

Bernie, do you really think old people are just sitting around oppressing young people and trying to keep them from voting?

Ironically, Sarah Silverman agreed with Bernie, even though she all but stepped on his young supporters for not falling in line for Hillary. What did she call them? Oh yeah, RIDICULOUS.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with ‘students’ who felt they were on the right side of history when they supported Bernie.

Ok so David put it a little more colorfully than we did, but you get the point.

See, Bernie supporters aren’t exactly in her fan club these days.

It’s actually Sarah who is being ridiculous, but we digress.

And it’s funny (and not funny ha ha) that Silverman seems to think she is somehow wise about young people by saying that young people are usually on the right side of history.

Except when they’re not.

And c’mon, they won’t even register, why do you think they’d take the time to actually vote?

So much life experience, for sure. Dorm living and eating in a cafeteria surely shapes the values and ideals of all voters in this country.

Hey, thinking Sarah would open a book let alone read one, you’re adorable.

Good times.

Not a completely untrue statement.

It’s not okay to register people for ANYTHING at the federal level without their say so, even voting.

That’s called freedom, which is always on the right side of history, Sarah.

Look it up.