UPDATE: We are seeing some YouTube posts declaring the seats at the DNC have been filled with seat fillers:


We’ve been digging to find out if this is true and at this point we can neither confirm NOR deny if the DNC is hiring seat fillers … but the fact we think it’s possible? Heh.

Again, we cannot confirm this is true … but we can’t say it’s false either.

Maybe? Maybe not.

Clearly we’re all trying to find out if this is true. Hey, if by chance you’re someone who has been paid to fill a seat at the #DNCInPHL give us a holler …

Well? Do you?

Oh, another ad to hold signs? Again, not sure if this is true but HA HA HA HA.

This can’t be real.

So the ads are there, but did the DNC really place them?

That remains to be seen.