In the aftermath of the Dallas #BlackLivesMatter protest where several police officers lost their lives, Sally Kohn wants to make sure we don’t blame the movement …

Even though the gunman reportedly said he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops …

The movement exists to oppose violence though, fascinating. Of course Sally didn’t ask that all gun owners not be blamed for Orlando and in fact did exactly what she’s asking others NOT to do when it comes to #BLM.

Except Obama and Kohn and other supporters of the BLM movement have not been saying that.

Hrm. No one has said either are inevitable but by all means, keep pushing that narrative, Sally.

OH NOEZ. Republicans are bad for ‘punishing’ poor Democrats over gun control! ALL HOUSE REPUBLICANS, but hey, don’t blame a movement for the actions of a few, or something.

Gotta blame all those cops, right Sally? Where is your support for blue lives, maybe we missed it?

Wonder what she means here? Surely she’s not implying cops are just out there trying to kill black men, because she would NEVER blame a movement for the actions of a few.

Sadly like far too many others, Sally has blamed cops, the NRA and Republicans, lumping them together into her progressive agenda bucket. Meanwhile she asks us not to blame this movement …

Actually they asked for help identifying this man, who turned himself in peacefully and was released, peacefully. But hey, narrative.

She could have stopped after the word, ‘shot.’

The reality is we live in a country that has lost all respect for life, regardless of a movement, or rhetoric, or a people. We are divided and too many have forgotten that divided we fall.

Prayers for Dallas.