For weeks, Democrats have been shaking their delicate, manicured fists demanding GUN CONTROL because guns are bad, m’kay. Sitting dramatically on the House floor, eating catered food and taking selfies, crying about the lives lost and never once admitting how many lives guns save …

This story is not exactly making national headlines because the MSM must protect the Liberal gun agenda. Can’t perpetuate the notion that a good guy with a gun is the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, now can we?

Yes, we noticed a lack of hashtags on Twitter as well – let us know when #GunsSaveLives starts trending.


The police did acknowledge that legally armed citizens intervened, but also said they would discourage others from doing so in the future and to just “be a good witness.”

Gun nuts, caring about life, protecting their neighbors – better take their rights from them because NARRATIVE.

Crazy right?