Hillary attempted to shame Trump for his “snark” on Twitter (warning, there are a lot of Hillary tweets featured in this article, you may want to have some Pepto at the ready)

All the while ignoring the rather snarky tweets featured on her own timeline – and what results has she delivered?

It would appear Hillary and/or her staff may need a lesson or two on snark. Or like thousands of other Democrats, she is just trolling.

This is sorta snarky, yeah?

Look at Hillary delivering all of those results …

Using a gif to make a point is super inspirational, Hillary.

She desperately needs to look at her own rhetoric.

Oh granny …

Presidential even.

Eye roll.

We get it, part of running a campaign is pointing out the other candidate isn’t all that great, but c’mon. If you’re going to post this much snark on Twitter, accusing others of the exact same thing may not be the smartest move.

Of course, it is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about …