No matter how many times we see her do it, we never tire of watching Dana Loesch slap the liberal media around, especially when it comes to guns.

Neil Steinberg wrote a smug, dramatic and flawed piece for the Chicaco Sun Times on his experience attempting to purchase a firearm. Dana took issue with his reporting …

A liberal reporter who doesn’t know the law. Say it ain’t so.

Get ’em, Dana.

Wait, a liberal lied about guns? NO WAY.

Steinberg goes on to report he was denied a firearm because of his history with domestic abuse, and he seems surprised by this. Umm that would be common sense and oh wait, that’s the law.

Enter Burge with the assist …

In essence Steinberg proved that like most liberals, he is completely ignorant of the actual law. He also proved that laws already on the books work, so thanks Neil.

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