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Can't afford gas or food? Don't worry, Biden's got you covered (with cheap Internet?)

During the fall of The Roman Empire, they had this policy called ‘Bread and Circuses,’ which basically meant the government was using entertainment to distract the masses from the collapse.


Joe Biden’s White House appears to be taking a page from that book.

This is what the White House deems vital with everything going wrong in America? Really?

No such thing as ‘free’ when the government is involved.

We wish this weren’t true, but it is. Nothing is free, and nothing is reduced. Someone has to pay the bill.

Slush fund? Biden thought you said slushy!


We don’t know about 80%, but things are much more expensive than they used to be.

We would love to say this administration is out of touch. Unfortunately, we aren’t even sure ‘out of touch’ covers precisely how far removed this they seems from the everyday struggle of average Americans. Despite what Biden thinks, government regulation and intervention don’t improve anything. It typically makes it much, much worse in the long run.

So now we have to ask just one question. How much longer are we going to allow the distractions to continue? If you honestly feel you are better off now than you were before election day, then vote your conscience. If you feel things are worse than they were before election day 2020, then again, vote your conscience.


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