As we reported yesterday, the NBA fandom is lashing out because so far this postseason (and basically every other postseason) it appears that the fix is in.

The NBA would never admit it, but there has long been speculation of the league wanting certain teams to advance in the playoffs to drive ratings and revenue. Certain referees are assigned to certain games based on how they favor home teams, superstars, etc.

Boston radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub program Toucher & Rich has a solution.

They’ve made this fantastic downloadable Tim Donaghy cutout mask for fans to wear to tonight’s Game 3 in Boston between the Celtics and Miami Heat.

Donaghy, as you may recall, is the ref that resigned from the league in 2007 before reports of an investigation by the FBI for allegations that he bet on games that he officiated during his last two seasons and that he made calls affecting the point spread in those games.

From the 98.5 The Sports Hub website:

25 Technical fouls on opponents of the Miami Heat in the postseason vs. only seven on the Miami Heat themselves.

Dwyane Wade shoulder tackles Darren Collison and doesn’t get ejected. Dexter Pittman violently elbows a guy in the throat, winks at his bench and is allowed to stay in the game.

Five Technicals on the Boston Celtics during Game 1, none against the Heat. Doc Rivers says “Come on, Ed” and gets a technical. Paul Pierce fouls out twice.

Lebron James shoots 24 free throws in Game 2, the entire Celtics team 29. Celtics shot 29 free throws in Game 2, the Miami Heat shot 47. FORTY-SEVEN!

With the game tied, Rajon Rondo get slapped in the face by Wade, no call. Dwyane Wade karate kicks Kevin Garnett, foul on Garnett.

Let’s face it folks, the fix is in. So let David Stern know how you feel on national television tonight by wearing your very own TIM DONAGHY MASK.

Just print it out, cut along the lines, and wear it proudly at tonight’s Celtics game!!!