The sordid self-immolation of Texas Democratic gubernatorial Wendy Davis is complete.

Now, all of her top lieutenants are setting themselves on fire, too.

Young Chelsea Natividad, a Battleground Texas organizer for Wendy Davis, is leaving no stone unturned. No bridge unburnt. No important demographic unscathed. Women, students, Hispanics: If you voted Republican, Ms. Natividad would like you all to take a flying leap.

Natividad’s meltdown began well before the final results were in.

One of Ms. Natividad’s friends made a special mental-health plea on the overworked Davis drone’s behalf:

Alas, the plea fell flat.

Ms. Natividad is now a little concerned with all the public attention her public Twitter meltdown has caused.

Get some rest, dear.

In the wee hours of the morning, Ms. Natividad locked down her Twitter account.

No worries. Twitchy is forever. Hopefully, Ms. Natividad’s post-election insanity isn’t as permanent.