Josh Hawley is a former clerk to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts and lead lawyer representing Hobby Lobby in the landmark religious freedom case whose outcome will be announced tomorrow.

He’s one of our top follows on Twitter and he should be one of yours, too. Here are 7 other must-follows in advance of the ruling.

@hobbylobbycase – The official Twitter account for information and updates on the case.

@thebecketfund – Non-profit law firm dedicated to religious liberty that is representing Hobby Lobby’s founding family, the Greens.

@SCOTUSblog – The top legal resource for SCOTUS rulings, founded by Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe and run by Lyle Denniston. Live-blogging here.

@IWFIndependent Women’s Forum. Filed one of more than 50 amicus briefs in support of the Green family and Hobby Lobby.

@gabrielmalor – Ace of Spades blogger and lawyer Gabriel Malor always has sharp analysis and invaluable tweetage of all things SCOTUS and legal.

@sentedcruz – The staunch defender of individual liberty filed an amicus brief in support of Hobby Lobby.

@shannonbream – Fox News anchor and Supreme Court reporter extraordinaire delivers breaking SCOTUS news fast, fair, and with infectious flair on social media!

And your bonus must-ignore…drumroll please…

Editor’s note: A typo in the second paragraph has been corrected.

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