Actress Julianne Moore won a Golden Globe award tonight for her portrayal of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in “Game Change.” The movie’s director, Jay Roach, who also snagged a Golden Globe for best TV mini-series/movie, praised Moore for her courage. Because, you know, jumping on the anti-Palin bandwagon in Hollywood takes real guts.

Even lefty comedian Mo Rocca and some of his fans seem self-aware:

Moore made sure to give a shout-out to other prominent women in the entertainment world for their historic roles in sliming, mocking, and demeaning Palin.

It’s been the theme of the night because, as we all know, Sarah Palin is still living rent free in libs’ heads.

So, so “brave.”

The elitist self-congratulations, it burns.

And, of course, Moore is eminently qualified to pronouce Palin unqualified.

This from a woman who says “electorial.”


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