The unindicted terror co-conspirators of CAIR are on a new speech-squelching jihad. Not content to go after conservative talk radio hosts or public officials who use the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” the left-wing Muslim grievance-mongering group is now targeting journalists with a proposed New Year’s resolution. Er, edict:

Thou shalt not use the term “Islamist.”

Via The Blaze:

The Muslim advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking the nation’s media to make this their new year’s resolution: Stop using the word “Islamist.”

Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s communications director, explained in a Jan. 3 op-ed why his group is upset the Associated Press added the term to its latest stylebook, a document that guides reporters worldwide.

…Radical Islam’s American watchdogs – presumably those “Islamophobic groups and individuals” to whom Hooper referred — have reacted to CAIR’s proposal. The Investigative Project on Terrorism’s Executive Director Steven Emerson pointed out the irony of the drop-the-word campaign, since not only have CAIR’s leaders used the term “Islamist” themselves, they also employ the term “Islamophobes” as a label for their critics.

Anti-jihadist activists on Twitter have no plans on backing down:

Message: They don’t CAIR!