Few on the Right will be shocked to learn that left-leaning Microsoft harbors at least one flaming Ann Coulter-basher. We’re pretty sure the employee who tweeted anti-Coulter snark on the software giant’s official Twitter account had plenty of heavy-breathing company this weekend. Indeed, as Twitchy reported earlier Sunday, Coulter’s appearance on ABC’s This Week roundtable provoked the usual War on Conservative Women profanity, misogyny, and death wishes.

After Twitter user @Mobtivate posted the above screen cap of the Microsoft tweet on Sept. 22 at 4:18pm, Politico reported on the story the next day (without crediting or linking @Mobtivate).

Microsoft said in a statement that the “tweet obviously is not an official statement by the company.”

“One of the people who manages our corporate twitter account thought he was tweeting from their personal twitter account on Saturday morning but tweeted from our corporate account by mistake,” Microsoft spokeswoman Christina Pearson said.

Not an official statement, perhaps. But it’s certainly more confirmation of the obvious.



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