Good catch from @justkarl.

You’ll remember that just a few days ago, Twitchy spotlighted the leftist hissyfit over Mitt Romney’s failure to denounce supporters who called President Obama a “traitor.”

Now, the U.K. Guardian reports that the same charge was thrown at Romney while President Obama spoke last weekend:

The shout from the crowd was clear. As President Barack Obama gave the first official campaign speech of his re-election bid at a sports arena in Ohio last weekend the first mention of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney prompted a male voice in the throng to yell: “Traitor!”

Earlier in the rally, held in the Ohio state capital of Columbus, several warm-up speakers for Obama had derided and mocked Romney for once using a Swiss bank account. Campaign videos played to the audience had prompted loud boos when Romney appeared or was mentioned.

Cue the chirping crickets at Obama headquarters.!/baseballcrank/status/201014468363292673!/BonillaJL/status/201013540696494080!/johnnydollar01/status/201010860653686785!/BigJournalism/status/199857486122057729