From the Charlotte Observer, who and what to watch:

The projected six weeks of testimony will mix the dry aspects of federal election law and the dramatic flaws of human character.

Sixteen jurors will hear the case, a jury of 12 and four alternates. They have been cautioned by Judge Catherine Eagles that the trial is not about whether Edwards was a good husband or politician. “This is a case about whether Mr. Edwards violated campaign law,” she told them earlier this month.

Defense attorneys for Edwards contend prosecutors are trying a novel theory that tests the reach and sweep of campaign finance law.

At issue is whether more than $900,000 that two wealthy Edwards supporters provided for Rielle Hunter’s living expenses were campaign contributions. If the jurors think they were contributions, the next test will be whether Edwards knew about the payments, knew they should be considered campaign money and conspired to obtain them and hide them from the public. The six-count indictment also accuses Edwards of making false statements to investigators.