They just can’t help themselves — the misogynists at MSNBC, that is.

Continuing the radical left network’s war on conservative women, MSNBC host Martin Bashir used the Obama administration’s Secret Service scandal to go after…GOP 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. As we noted the other day, the good-humored Palin took the news of one of the agent’s sexist confessions that he was ogling her while on duty in stride.

Bashir, however, showed typical MSNBC classlessness to accuse her of “bragging.” Pig.!/TheHenry/status/193500118312435712!/cosmotone/status/193505388509937664!/JeffChanceUSA/status/193456906789060608!/Modern_Right/status/193680399803756544

The Examiner writes:

MSNBC host Martin Bashir accused Sarah Palin of “bragging about being checked out” by a Secret Service agent, based on her rebuke of the Secret Service agent who did so.

“Sarah Palin barked up with a comment in regard to the Secret Service issue, where she also bragged about being ‘checked out,’ listen to this,” Bashir said while interviewing President Obama’s campaign press secretary Ben Labolt…

Bashir chose to characterize Palin as “bragging” — with the implication that she hopes more men sexualize her by “really checking her out” — even though the former governor did not even mention her own name commenting on the agent’s Facebook post.

Obama’s campaign spokesman let the dig at Palin pass without comment.

 Bashir says he loves feedback. Give it to him:!/MartinBashir/status/167426855966748674

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