Google has just had a round of layoffs, letting go of around 12,000 employees and the ones who still have their jobs are demanding ‘psychological safety’ from their bosses.

Several years ago, you’d have to be on a liberal college campus to hear about ‘safe spaces’ but these people have grown up and entered the workforce.

That’s how you end up with a situation like this one.

From the New York Post:

Google employees who survived the company’s recent purge of 12,000 of their now-former colleagues grilled executives during a tense all-hands meeting on Monday — anxiously demanding assurances that their jobs aren’t next on the chopping block.

One Google employee based in the UK told management that “psychological safety is paramount” after parent company Alphabet Inc. shed around 6% of its full-time workforce.

The employee was outraged that among those let go by Google were high performers and people on immigration visas.

“How are we supposed to ever feel safe again?” the employee wondered. His comments were reported by Insider.

That is accurate. The Insider did report this.

The Keystone XL Pipeline workers who lost their jobs on Biden’s first day certainly didn’t get any ‘safety’ considerations.

People in other industries deal with layoffs all the time.

According to this reporter, the laid off employees got a pretty sweet deal.

How’s that for safety?


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