As you may have noticed, people are having some strong reactions to Biden’s outrageous and frankly un-American speech last night.

Naturally, CNN’s Don Lemon is willing to fall on his sword to defend Biden on this.

Lemon even suggested this could be unifying.

Nicholas Fondacaro reports at NewsBusters:

In another example of his open defiance of new CNN boss Chris Licht’s order to be less egregious in their partisanship, Don Lemon spent part of his eponymous show on Wednesday arguing with Republican Scott Jennings and absurdly claiming that President Biden was “unifying” the country by calling Republicans fascists. He even suggested it was “the truth about what is happening in the country” and asked, “where’s the lie?”

Jennings noted that Biden had abandoned his message of unity from his 2020 campaign and inaugural address. “Yes. But a lot has happened between now and his inaugural address,” Lemon scoffed at the objection.

And as Jennings pushed back, Lemon argued that Biden’s attacks – meant to energize the radical left –were the message needed to unify Americans. “Can the unifying message be that some of what he’s saying is true because there are a lot of people, I got to tell you, Scott, a lot of folks would go, where’s the lie? I don’t see no lies detective,” he suggested.

Here’s the video:

Ever since Brian Stelter was let go from CNN, people have been speculating about who might be next.

Smart money is on Lemon.

The most obvious and ironic aspect of this is that everyone knows Don Lemon would be losing his mind right now if this speech, with these optics, was delivered by Donald Trump.