Jennifer Aniston’s reputation for not being able to hold down a man has been a legendary one ever since Brad Pitt left her for more exotic pastures. She’s dated Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, and other bachelors from all over the entertainment spectrum, but she may have finally found the one to make her happy.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted some new pictures of Jennifer Aniston and her man Justin Theroux as they returned from a European getaway.

As you can see for yourself, she appears to have come back with a diamond ring on her finger.

The curiosity is building, and all of Jen’s fans want to know if she’s ready to settle down with her “Wanderlust” co-star.

Men around the world are turning green with jealousy, making it clear Aniston’s still one heck of a catch:

With no official announcement at the moment, all we can do is speculate. But with a steady relationship and a new diamond ring to consider, it’s not hard to figure out what this couple’s next announcement might be.

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