You may recall Lil’ Wayne’s interaction with the Oklahoma City Thunder during the Western Conference Finals. He tried to get entry into one of the games, along with his posse, and we guess he was quite surprised when he was turned down entry. That’s what happens when you don’t purchase a ticket.

Nowadays the rapper is singing a different tune, and throwing his support in the direction of the crowned Miami Heat.

Yes, in case you forgot, Juwan Howard has been the Heat’s primary benchwarmer this year, and now he gets to retire with a ring on his finger.

Some of us have caught on to the bandwagoning, steadily picking up just how flimsy Lil’ Wayne’s support can be:

One can expect him to stay on the Heat’s scent, at least until the stardom fades and a new powerhouse comes along. Until then, may he be a Heat fan for a possibly long time! Lil’ Wayne’s taken his talents to South Beach … wonder if they’d let him in a game without a ticket?