Creflo Dollar is a pastor living a lavish lifestyle the majority in his profession can only dream about. Private jets, fancy cars, luxurious homes, etc. As founder of the World Changers Church International, no one can argue he’s done quite well for himself.  He’s been investigated numerous times, and the Senate has even asked for detailed accounting statements, but up to this moment, he remained untouchable.

That status changed when he was arrested on battery charges in Fayette County.

The Associated Press reports that the megachurch pastor was picked up in the early hours of the morning after police responded to a call of domestic violence.

The 50-year old pastor and father was arguing with his daughter about whether or not she was allowed to attend a party, which lead to a physical altercation. Dollar’s daughter was said to have had “superficial injuries.”

This is definitely the kind of event that can change your mind about someone, especially a person of suggested grounded morals like Dollar has stated he is.

Creflo Dollar has seen his fair share of support, however. There have been plenty of folks on Twitter who, while not even knowing the details of the alleged charges, have suggested his daughter deserved what she got.

Creflo Dollar has since been released on bail, and whatever happened, he believes that what he did was a righteous act: