Levi Johnston has gotten herself in a bit of a rough patch. US Weekly reported that Johnston, known by most as Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, now finds himself broke and living with his mother in Alaska. He’s written a book, he’s posed for Playboy, he was in the public eye for a decent amount of time, but sources suggest that the money from those good times was quickly squandered away, leaving him in his current state. To make things worse, he’s got another child on the way with his current girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby. Children are hard to support when you’re broke, especially when you already have one.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining, and one door closes so that another can open. Perhaps Levi Johnston is a little lost as to the next step in his career, but there are those that can help him; Lisa Lampanelli, self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” and a comedian routinely seen at the Comedy Central Roast Of.. series, spent some of her precious time today to give him some healthy suggestions.

Oh yeah, Lisa went there.

Besides taking a jab at Levi himself, you might remember Jim Carrey recently dated Jenny McCarthy, whose career began by posing for Playboy in the 90’s. She’s also been writing romance, parenting, and tell-all novels over the past decade. Lampanelli’s choice of words don’t seem like much of a coincidence, do they?

Lisa’s followers seemed to pick up on the joke as well:


Out of those who chimed in, there were some other interesting theories on where Levi Johnston might be headed next: