Roseanne Barr seems to be spending all her time on Twitter these days, taking up just about every case she can come up with, speaking her mind on it, usually saying something slightly bombastic and perhaps offensive, and then she spends the next couple hours arguing with people about it.

This new argument of hers came around when she was began tweeting about abortion and her well-educated opinion on fetuses. We say well-educated because clearly in this tweet you’re about to read, she shows class and delivers some truly poignant words.

Shrimps and unborn children; we never thought we’d see the day that mind-blowing correlation would come about.

A former veteran decided to respond and suggests that things aren’t that special in Roseanne Barr’s side of life either. As you’ll be able to see in the exchange, Barr not only is pleased that this man is no longer in the military (I guess having a different opinion means you don’t deserve to serve our country), and then attempts to bury him under some point of relevance that Barr has acquired and this veteran has not.

Seems like someone’s a little shaken AND stirred. Roseanne Barr even wants freedom of speech wiped out off the table:

The Rosanne Barr Twitter Fiasco shall continue, and we’re sure more ridiculous things shall come.