Hip-hop fans may remember the days where certain beefs were the running headlines of the industry: Nas vs. Jay-Z, Biggie vs. Pac, Ice Cube vs. N.W.A. These were real feuds, with more than a couple diss songs to fuel the fire.

Those days have long since passed, and with them, real hip-hop beefs are practically non-existent. Fabolous ranted on his Twitter today, poking some fun at modern day rap battles:

Tell us how you really feel, Fab.

The rapper even went as far as to compare current hip-hop feuding to the characters on the comedy Saved by the Bell:

You’d think the lack of violence currently happening in the hip-hop community would be a positive (as that’s where a decent number of old-school beefs ended), but is Fabolous suggesting something different? Does he miss the days of drive-by’s and fisticuffs?

Fans and followers of the Brooklyn native agreed on the current state of affairs, having some fun with the subject:


Consider this an open challenge, rappers. Fabolous demands you step up your game. Beef it up, guys. Let’s just hope for Fabolous’ sake, he doesn’t personally get what he asked for.

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