Ah, the lovely world of social media. Beef can be had through private messages, conflict can be created by the click of a button, and the act of one celebrity un-following another can create chaos among the entertainment world.

If you didn’t notice, or haven’t had any time to be constantly refreshing the list of followers Chris Brown and Rihanna share, TMZ did the dirty work for you, and it’s quite clear if you check for yourself, Rihanna isn’t following Chris Brown anymore, and Breezy isn’t following Rih Rih either.

What happened?

After what seemed to be a legitimate reconciliation, even if a strange and all too suggestive one, Rihanna and her former ex-boyfriend, you know, the one who assaulted her, are on the outs again. Thankfully, it wasn’t another act of violence that caused this friendship to disappear, just a song with some thoughtless lyrics from the sometimes thoughtless Breezy.

There are lyrics powerful enough to break up this clearly stable relationship? Say it ain’t so!

We don’t have any confirmation on just what Brown said that ruffled Rihanna’s feathers, but we’ve got a hunch:

“Don’t fuck with my old bitches/like a bad fur/every industry nigga done had her/trick or treat it like a pumpkin, just to smash her.”

The general public, as if they weren’t tired of this hopeless couple already, don’t seem too sympathetic to either party.

If you need to hear it to believe it, we’re here to help. Chris Brown has done a freestyle over the “Theraflu” (or “Way Too Cold”) song, originally performed by Kanye West, and those lyrics are included, word for word.

The original version pissed off PETA, so it’s only natural the remix piss off someone else.