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Enraging: Some people notice something curious about media coverage of Zemir Begic murder

As Twitchy readers know, there was horrific news out of St. Louis on Sunday. At least two teens beat Zemir Begic to death with hammers. Where is the national media? While there have been some cursory reports, take a look at this:



Unbelievable. Here is the top return on Google when searching “Begic murder.”


Twitchy is on it. “Real journalists”? Mostly crickets. Twitter users have noticed this oh-so-curious lack of coverage and are calling out media lapdogs.



Will Chris Hayes provide breathless and inflammatory on-scene reports? Will befuddled HuffPo journos show up to confuse some more ear plugs with rubber bullets? Not likely.


Ding, ding, ding. Telling, isn’t it?


GoFundMe campaign launched to help family of St. Louis man murdered in hammer attack

Story to watch: Teens beat motorist to death with hammers in St. Louis

‘Fan the flames, big boy’: Pot-stirrer Chris Hayes is headed back to Ferguson

Inflammatory! Could mace boy Chris Hayes have made a more irresponsible Ferguson tweet than THIS?

Unreal! Half a day later, Chris Hayes admits ‘dead body’ in Ferguson wasn’t really a dead body

‘Speechless!’ You won’t believe what Huffpo journo arrested in Ferguson thought were rubber bullets [photo]

#CanAnyoneConfirm? Rubber bullets, ear plugs; same diff! Help confused Huffpo journo ‘confirm’ more [photos]

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