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President ShamWow: Here's what Obama really meant by 'making Obamacare work'

Precisely. As Twitchy reported, President ShamWow vowed to “spend the remainder of his presidency making his health care reform plan work.” Then swiftly spotted Squirrel! Pivot like the wind.


But what did his claim really mean?


Huh. Funny that.

For the Children ™? They say “not so fast.” This tweet summed it up before and it remains the hard truth today:

Bingo. They aren’t buying the snake oil that you trying to sell, President ShamWow.


‘HAHAHAHA!’ #Pivot: Obama vows Obamacare laser focus; Swiftly spots Squirrel

Still not sold on President ShamWow’s Obamacare pitch? #ButWaitTheresMore

‘Perfect!’ President ShamWow cartoon captures the ‘audacity of hype’ [pic]

Heckuva job, President ShamWow! Americans: ‘I lost my job due to Obamacare’

Best part of President ShamWow’s O-care debacle speech? Healthcare beard guy! [pic]

For the 26-year-old children? Not so fast: Young people say ‘no thanks’ to O-care [pic]

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