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This happened: What does the 'sexist' gorilla, boob-grabbing baboon news say about feminists? [pic]

No, really. This happened:


More from E!:

Patrick, a 23-year-old, 430-pound Western lowland gorilla, has been given a notice of eviction from the Dallas Zoo after displaying a “sexist” attitude towards the zoo’s female gorillas.

Patrick, who is a “staff favorite,” according to the Dallas News, got along well with humans, but would constantly nip and sneer at the female gorillas he was intended to mate with, even biting one female.

Patrick, who was born at the Bronx Zoo in 1990 where he was abandoned by his mother, will be transferred to Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, S.C., a resort better suited to handling his behavioral issues.

Oh, sure! Foist him off on the Southern gorilla ladies! E! then also reported on another rakish primate: A boob-grabbing baboon. That cad is quite the hit on Twitter.



But what does the news about the ousted “sexist gorilla” say about feminists? Twitter has the answer!



But wait, there’s more. Feminists and professors?



Godspeed, humanity.


Jonah Goldberg warns of Great Animal War! When pigeons, deer attack: You are not alone [pics]

Part gorilla, part Buffalo . . . all man

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