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'Thanks to Obamacare': Rep. Gardner opts out of federal health care, his insurance plan is canceled

As Twitchy reported, there is one thing you can “keep” with Obamacare: Cancellation notices. And Rep. Gardner (R-Colo.) is among those who have been receiving notices of cancellation.


Gardner took to Twitter and Facebook to report that he opted out of federal health care and subsequently learned his family’s insurance plan is being canceled.

He is reaching out via social media to hear from others who are facing the same fate.


More from his Facebook page:

My office is currently collecting stories of those who have been affected by President Obama’s healthcare law. Like many other Americans, my family was recently notified that our healthcare plan would be discontinued at the end of this year. If we wish to buy a comparable plan, it will cost over 100% more. Has your coverage been dropped? Have your rates gone up? Have your hours been cut back at work? I want to hear your story. Anything you submit to my website will remain confidential. Go here to share your story: http://gardner.house.gov/contact-me

And share, they did.

Twitter users have been drastically affected as well.


“You can keep your plan” … just kidding, guys!


Hey, know what you get to ‘keep’ with Obamacare? Cancellation notices

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