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Fox News' Janice Dean: Chris Matthews 'incredibly insensitive,' will believe apology when she sees action

As Twitchy reported, sicko Chris Matthews hailed devastating and fatal Hurricane Sandy because he thought it helped Obama win re-election. What are lives lost when Obama has an election to win, huh, Mr. Tingles? He tried to backpedal on Twitter and then issued an on-air apology last night. Fox News’ Janice Dean, who lives in an area affected by the hurricane, isn’t giving him a pass. And rightly so. Earlier, she called him out for his insensitive remarks.


Insensitive is quite generous. We would go with soulless and cretinous. But that’s just us.

This Twitter user is also continuing to hold his ghoulish feet to the fire, and calls upon him to put his money, or his time, where his mouth is.

Indeed. Your move, Matthews.

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