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Post-racial! Rep. Lewis says segregation will return if Romney wins; Andrea Mitchell, Maddow swoon

Ah, President Obama’s post-racial America! Where everything in the entire world is not just about race, but is about race-baiting. From Vice President Biden and his revolting “back in chains” race-baiting to Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) at the DNC last night.


For reals. That happened. Rep. Lewis likened a Romney presidency to going back to the days of segregation.

A nefarious plan, likely spear-headed by the math witch Paul Ryan!

More from The Daily Caller:

“I’ve seen this before, I lived this before,” he claimed, after extensively describing his activism in Southern states in the 1950 and 1960s.

“We were met by an angry mob that beat us and left us lying in a pool of blood,” he said to raucous applause from roughly 20,000 delegates and activists.

“Brothers and sisters, do you want to go back?” he called, prompted a loud response of “No!”

Reprehensible, Mr. Lewis. Surely, even the lapdog media will call him on such disgusting scare tactics?

Guess again!


Heroic acts of histrionic and gross race-baiting and fear-mongering. Fellow lapdog MSNBC-er, Rachel Maddow, joined in the swooning.


Those who aren’t racist, and who find such despicable displays of race-baiting contemptible, quickly called out Rep. Lewis.


They can’t stop. It’s all they have and they are aided by the media.

By the way, Rep. Lewis, a quick question. What about all the suppressing identification needed at the DNC? You don’t want to “go back,” do you?!?!

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