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We called it: Lapdog media covers up Biden shooing press off line

Who knew? We did. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Joe Biden staffers shooed reporters off the rope line and wouldn’t allow any questions. The day before, the media and the Left (again, concentric circles on a Venn diagram) made great hay out of a Romney staff error regarding press and the rope line. There were articles galore bashing Team Romney. We suspected the lapdog media would not apply the same standards to the most transparent administration evah.


Double standards as always. But, then, we suppose it’s hard to write articles while carrying water.!/Vlademmer/status/203455292086812672

This isn’t even new for Joe Biden, who has locked a reporter in a closet, and it’s more than just shooing reporters off a line, yet most of the press is ignoring it.!/ZekeJMiller/status/203501980222631937

From the article:

TV received access to Biden during his two visits to the Mahoning Valley in 2008. The Vindicator was denied access.

The trend continued again this week.

A Biden press official told me my “unprofessional” decision, backed by my editors, would mean less or no future access.

I told her that I couldn’t see how I could get less access than zero, and the newspaper was tired of being treated this way.

This isn’t exclusive to just Democrats, but there’s been consistency with Biden — or the people who make these decisions for him.

Transparency! Thank goodness for local papers and citizen journalists. We certainly can’t rely on the lapdog mainstream media. A quick search shows how they are covering up this up — where are the gazillion breathless articles like there were with Romney?


One shows up, by Politico. And the headline? DNC: Biden press restrictions don’t compare to Romney press restrictions. Politico relies on DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse who is prone to lies, delusion and melt-downs. Great source there, champs! The thrust of the article is “but, but Romney! He’s worse, because stupid Romney.”

The Fourth Estate just keeps hammering the final nail into its own coffin.

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