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Twitter-vention: Tila Tequila, hitting the tequila again?; Update: Twitter account deleted; Update: Twitter account reactivated


She continues on in a similar vein for several more hours.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202396689846374400

Full post via Facebook:

Man forget it. They TOTALLY already got EVERY SINGLE PERSON AGES 19 and under so they are too deeply affected to listen nor comprehend. The damage already been done. And I was trying to tell you this 3 years ago!! Had some of u listened to me then u wouldnt be braindead right now! God I wont give up on u even if I get picked on everyday or if u hat e me. I still have to at least try! But you older folks who understand me everyone 19 and under has already been demolished. TOTAL COMPLETION. No way to bring them back. Just drones now only so few of us left! Where can we meet to talk?


Perhaps stick with that?!/OfficialMsTila/status/202327951772102656!/OfficialMsTila/status/202329119894155265!/OfficialMsTila/status/202331856144838656!/OfficialMsTila/status/202359663294021633

Oh dear. Someone needs to be watching out for her or helping her, instead of trying to profit off of her.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202365557889171456!/OfficialMsTila/status/202368359478738944!/OfficialMsTila/status/202369237233319937

“Energy tweets?” Is that what the kids these days are calling it?!/OfficialMsTila/status/202370646699814912!/OfficialMsTila/status/202376496889856000

Four weeks appears to run on different time in Tila world; she’s back in one hour.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202380585811976192!/OfficialMsTila/status/202381251888422912!/OfficialMsTila/status/202381710669787137


Sugar and soda.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202385461346443265!/OfficialMsTila/status/202394397122379776!/OfficialMsTila/status/202394849545162752!/OfficialMsTila/status/202397070064226307

ALEX JONES!!!11111eleventy!/OfficialMsTila/status/202401579310129152

It got worse, but they were deleted almost instantaneously. Screen shots, however, are forever.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202407127795511296!/OfficialMsTila/status/202407459913080834!/OfficialMsTila/status/202411963907706881

Perhaps Meghan McCain should pause her girl crush on Sandra Fluke for a bit and check in with her supposed best friend Tila? Someone needs to.

Her Twitter followers agree, although some find it amusing.!/Ne3ky/status/202413552630374400!/superdemonkitty/status/202408625145249792!/iAmXVI/status/202406544694980608


Yes. We hope she gets the help that she needs.


She has now deleted her Twitter account.


It is now reactivated.!/OfficialMsTila/status/202412718010023936!/OfficialMsTila/status/202411963907706881

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