Damn, 2016. What fresh hell is this?

Come on. Political correctness continues to run amok.

Actually, that’s kind of insulting to regular, annoying political correctness. This is just cuckoo pants.

Texas Woman’s University is advising students and faculty not to use the word “holiday” when describing parties in December because it “connotes religious tradition,” and that might be offensive to non-religious people.

Yep. The word “holiday” — previously considered the politically correct substitute for that problematic term “Christmas” — is now also too triggering: “For educational institutions, a December gathering may instead be called an ‘end of semester’ party,” advises a guide released by the school titled, “A ‘Festivus for the Rest of Us’: Tips to plan an all-inclusive, multicultural holiday party at the office.”

“For a business office, an ‘end of (fiscal) year’ party may be more appropriate,” it continues.

Read the rest over at National Review.

Break out those ledgers and those old-timey, super hot bookkeeper sleeve protecters and garters. Swoon!

On the plus side, big old libs are continuing to prove that they have learned zip, zero, nada from Donald Trump’s presidential victory. So, that’s hilarious. I’ll be making small chat about it at my The Something That Happens In December That Must Not Be Named party. Good times!