Hey, Dan Savage: Will you speak out against this violent bullying at Woodside High School?

Horrible. KTVU has the video and it is highly disturbing.

The victim’s father tells Heather Holmes this is not he America he knows. “It makes me sick to my stomach that someone can’t voice their opinion publicly… it’s really a shame,” said her father. He added his family has received threats following the incident.

The cell phone video shows the female student being hit in the head by another female student who was screaming “f**k you b**ch.” The tolerance brigade is starting young (and violent) now.

It really is. Tell us again who the “intolerant” folks are? Tell us again who the “bullies” are? Look in the mirror, libs. And look at what you are teaching your children. YOU are the ones teaching hate.

And they should demand an answer from Hillary Clinton as well: