In case you’ve missed some of the charming actions from allegedly pro-women (whatever THAT nebulous term means) Hillary supporters, we’ve rounded some up for you. First, there were the topless Trump protesters, as we reported this morning:

Copyright that!

YES. Projection again, Hillary Clinton fans?

Wendy Davis got into the act, as we also reported:

Deplorable 3.0 is perfect.

As Twitchy readers know, a Stephen Colbert producer upped the disgusting with her #ImWithHer stance. People continue to be sickened and here’s why:

Here is the original pro-Hillary Clinton tweet from Late Show with Stephen Colbert producer Carol Hartsell in all its “glory.”

Dude. Wait, is “dude” too patriarchal? Whatever; That wins the hurl award for sure.

Yep. Pure idiocy. Also, gross.

Stay classy, #ImWithHer ladies (term used very loosely)!