Hmm. As our readers know, James O’Keefe released that Project Veritas video expose yesterday and it was a bombshell.

It alleges that Hillary Clinton camps are inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies … and that Hillary Clinton knows it.

Laura Ingraham nailed the media for ignoring it. But is Google whitewashing the news as well by freezing it out of the trending spot on YouTube?

Huh. Curious.

However, it is appearing on Google trends. At number 14:

Here it is a number 14 (below Amy Schumer, natch. Because THAT’S important):


Commenters on YouTube are calling out Google. Here’s an example:


Here is someone who claims he is being censored:

Have you noticed this too? If it is not trending, hopefully it will be soon. This story is explosive and must be seen. There are over 2 million views and counting.

Update from James O’Keefe:

Unbelievable. What do you have to say, Google?