As we told you yesterday, the soulless women-beating singer Chris Brown was arrested after a stand-off with police. The arrest was made after allegations that he pointed a gun at a woman in his house.

Who is the real victim? According the some twisted souls on Twitter, it is … CHRIS BROWN. No, for real. Because, racism or something.

Some go so far as to attack Brown’s alleged victim. Why? Because she’s a white woman and cannot be trusted, apparently. Take a look; it’s unreal:


Double wow.

And more support for Brown:

Evidently, not only is victim-blaming now OK, but victim-attacking is totally hunky-dory.

That’s despicable. Way to go, #BlackLivesMatter tolerance mob! And whatever the hell happened to Obama’s “post-racial” presidency baloney? I think he had a typo in there. The “p” should have been an “m,” because most-racial presidency is more like it.