What’s amazing? Oh, just this:

As Twitchy readers know, Secretary of State John Kerry — one of Obama’s Top Men ™ — exposed his idiocy further with his idea to ease terrorism fears. You know, just shaddup about it, media! The silly people don’t deserve to know; They probably can’t understand all the nuance-y nuance anyway. For cripes sake, most of them don’t even jet ski!

Well, Brit Hume managed to expose what John Kerry said and HOW he said it with his usual, awesome deadpan snark. All he needed was ten little words: Three of his own and a seven-word quote of John Kerry’s own (and disturbing) words.

Truth. Boom. It definitely was approvingly. That’s beyond chilling.


Yep. Would you like four more years (minimum) of that from Hillary Clinton?

Bingo. Which is why Hillary Clinton must not win this election. Elections do have consequences. And the consequences of Hillary will be beyond dire.