Snark-tastic. What sparked that comment from Dana Loesch? Well, Stephen King was at it again … at being an ignorant jackass, natch. As Twitchy reported, the author swiftly hopped aboard the ghoul train after the Charleston shooting tragedy. Then, after the SCOTUS rulings on same-sex marriage and Obamacare, he wanted to make sure he showed his “love” (like the rest of the hypocritical #LoveWins mob) with sneering contempt. Because, guns. Again.

His idiocy proved to be even WORSE than usual, as Twitter users were soon to point out.


Ignorance is bliss, huh, Mr. King? If only you had left everyone ignorant of your idiocy; Every time you open your mouth (or Twitter feed), you expose it.

Dana Loesch brings it all home:

And we’ll leave you with this exit snark: Is this where King gets his facts?

Oh, our aching sides.


Because guns? Stephen King ‘celebrates’ same-sex marriage and Obamacare rulings by … being a jackass